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vichan/infinitychan/openib are all forks of tinyboard.
they are all open source, but are not really maintained

there is a fork of tinyboard with the same name that is indeed continuously updated
check it out! pretty easy to install.
is programmed in php


another imageboard is lynxchan which is apparently programmed in javascript.
yes apparently you can code servers in javascript, if you have node.php installed on your server, among other things.
seems cumbersome to me. BUT it seems everyone reccomends it nowadays, many newer imageboards are using this one

>vichan/infinitychan/openib are all forks of tinyboard. they are all open source

to note, the original tinyboard was inspired by 4chan, now running on closed source.
the mystersious 4chan software was apparently cobbled together, today known as Yotsuba (apparently it was leaked lol but it's closed source, is php)
being inspired by 2chan over 15 years ago, a completely japanese website. the original software is out there actually
blah blah blah it doesn't really matter

what DOES matter, is that anyone can make their own imageboard!
see >>2
register a domain, set up a server with like a webhost, and TAKE CONTROL


It's node.js, it has nothing to do with php. If you were being facetious, ignore me.

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